WylerCARE the best way to save on routine maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About WylerCARE

Q: Can I save money on oil changes?

A: For the same price as your local quick lube you can have you vehicle's oil changed by our certified professionals at Jeff Wyler Eastgate Auto Mall with a ton of added bonuses. With WylerCARE you get 3 oil changes, 3 tire rotations and 3 multi-point inspections starting at $189! That kind of value is hard to beat, and with Jeff Wyler Eastgate Auto Mall commitment to quality there isn't a better place to get your maintenance done.

Q: What is WylerCARE

A: WylerCARE is Jeff Wyler Eastgate Auto Mall pre-paid maintenance plan. Each time you bring your vehicle in for a WylerCARE oil change, you'll also get a tire rotation and multi-point inspection. If you were to try and duplicate this offer you would pay more money and potentially have to visit multiple places costing you time and money.

Q: Does my WylerCARE expire?

A: Yes, WylerCARE expires 36 months from the date of purchase.